SJE | Vestal/Arrow Train trip
5.0 (1)


Silverton, Colorado

Group Size

2 people per guide


65 hours


Intermediate, Hard

Vestal peak is the type of objective the beginner to intermediate alpine climber dreams of. Located in a picturesque alpine valley in the largest swath of wilderness in Colorado, Vestal is a remote 13er that asks to be climbed. The peak itself is a sight to behold and is worth the hike alone. But the trip doesn't stop at first sight of Vestal, it's just getting started.

Boasting an alpine ridge even the most experienced alpine climbers can't help but revel in, the Wham Ridge, we will spend the second day scaling this iconic feature. With over 2,000ft of continuous easy to moderate climbing and scrambling the ridge deposits you on a summit bloc with 360-degree panoramic views that won't disappoint. Don't miss your opportunity to climb this San Juan classic with some of the most experienced guides in the San Juans.