Mixed Climbing Course


Ouray, Colorado

Group Size

3 people per guide


17 hours


Intermediate, Hard

Join one of Basecamp Ouray’s owners, Charlie Faust, for this 2-Day mixed climbing course hosted in the Ouray Ice Park! 

With numerous first ascents and one of the route setters responsible for the 25th Anniversary Ice Fest Competition, Charlie understands the nuances of moving efficiently across rock and ice. Get ready to learn, try hard, and have a ton of fun! Mixed climbing skills are essential for alpine climbing, bigger mountain climbing, and hard ice. However, it’s also it’s entirely own discipline of climbing! So whether you’re training for bigger objectives or pursuing it for it’s own art-form, mixed-climbing is an incredibly fun adventure.

We'll spend the beginning of our first day covering the basics: tool handling, foot placements, breathing, hip position, and movement techniques. If you already have experience, don’t worry! We’ll refine the skills you have and get rid of any inefficiencies you may have. These skills are integral to have fun and and success on the wall. Once we build some foundation, we’ll hone these skills on the rock and ice walls of the Ouray Ice Park.

The second day builds upon the principles of the first: we'll spend the entire day in the Ice Park climbing harder routes, more complicated ice, and create a  foundation for the future of your mixed climbing passion. In addition to this course, we'll provide follow-up support and and training advice tailored specifically to you that will help you prepare for next season and your future climbing goals.

We meet at 7:30am on the first day for gear fitting, and 7:45am on the second day.

What's Included:

  • All Climbing Equipment (boots, crampons, harness, helmet, ice tools).

  • Packs to carry your items are available on request (availability is limited).

  • Ropes and all set-up/belaying equipment.

  • A Patient, Professional Guide

  • You are welcome to use your personal gear (guides will check its condition before use)

What do you need to bring?

  • Personal Clothing

  • A Pack to carry your personal items.

  • Food and Water for a full day of activity.

What to expect:

  • Around 6-7 hours of physical activity per day.

  • Quickly changing winter mountain weather! Dress accordingly.

  • To be challenged and feel accomplished with your new ice climbing skills!


  • $588