Scooter Midtown Mural & Food Truck Tour


Houston, Texas

Group Size

Max 7 people


3 hours



Come with us on an adventure – to see the gritty, exciting alleys and culturally blossoming urban wonders of Houston!

We'll zig and zag through the passageways and sites many others miss on the back of our sleek, electric scooters. So come fill up your photo album and grab those instagram followers with posts, stories, and memories from our Houston adventure together.

EXPLORE Houston's street art and murals in the heart of Midtown. You've seen some of these artists elsewhere – we'll you'll be amazed at the depth of the scene here. They say everything in 'Texas is bigger', wait till you see the urban art: mosaics, paintings, and installations by local and international artists alike.

TASTE the street food of the Houston Midtown lifestyle awaits with food trucks serving top-shelf quality take-away. From BBQ to soul food to international cuisine with live bands in the midst this scene has it all.

DISCOVER the architecture and urban renewal happening as the community grows. From the home field and court of the Houston's NBA & MLB teams we rocket our way through town through the crannies

EXPERIENCE the pop and social culture of my hometown first-hand celebrating urban music, art, coffee houses, arcades and family-run shops.

*Experience in riding bikes is a plus!
*Per manufacturer must be under 260Ibs