GMG Guide Training


Prescott, Arizona

Group Size

6 people per guide


16 hours


Intermediate, Hard

Welcome to GMG's Fall 2021 Guide Training!

We will be meeting in Prescott for this weekend training where the folowing will be covered:

  • GMG Programming and Administration
  • Course & Trip Venues and Knowledge Points
  • Course Curriculum
  • Guide Skillset Standardization (SPI Level)
  • Guide Skillset Advancement (Rock Rescue Drill)
  • Soft Skills for the Clients

Each day will be from 8am-5pm, in a variety of areas that GMG operates, with focus on Prescott National Forest and Sullivan's Canyon.

Please sign up for this Training as if you were a Client signing up for one of the Courses & Trips GMG offers.

More info to come as we get closer!