SJE | Indian Creek Crack Climbing Camp


Monticello, Utah

Group Size

4 people per guide


60 hours


Intermediate, Hard

This 3 day and 2-night clinic is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Under the supervision of rock guides local to the desert Southwest, you will visit the world-class climbing location, Indian Creek. "The Creek" as it's affectionately known, is the best training ground for learning to crack climb and refine your traditional lead climbing technique. Every year during the fall and spring we migrate to Indian Creek to send the perfect sandstone walls and desert towers.  It is truly one of our favorite places to climb. 

Our Indian Creek Crack Climbing clinics bring a community of people from all climbing abilities together for an immersive three days and two nights of desert ramblin'.  This program is designed to teach you proper climbing techniques and work with you on an individual level to progress beyond your current ability. 


Learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

- Top rope belaying and lead climb belaying review

- Hand, finger, foot, and body positions for jamming and off-width climbing

- Gear placement and removal

- Anchor building and cleaning

- Tape gloves

- Mental preparation for lead climbing and breath control

- Lead falling and lead catching 


Day 1:

You will be meeting your instructors at their desired location for climbing in the morning at 8:00 a.m.  The first day will consist of a basic orientation on what is to come and will quickly transition to supervised climbing for the remainder of the day. Our instructors will work with you to refresh your skills and begin coaching you on how to improve your technique. This day will allow you to meet the crew you will be spending three days with and find a rhythm to your own style of climbing. We will wrap up the day by traveling to our reserved group campsite. That evening's dinner will be prepared by the instructor team while you set up your tents and get comfortable. During dinner, we will chat more about people's goals for the following days and develop a plan for the next morning. Sleeping under the stars, you're guaranteed to get a good night's rest. 


Day 2:

Breakfast and coffee are served by our team to make sure you are fueled for the day. The SJE staff will coordinate cars to drive to our respective crags for the day to minimize our impact on the already limited parking opportunities. Once at the crag you will continue to build upon the previous days lessons.  This is a day to push yourselves more and begin lead climbing if you are feeling up to it. Throughout the day we will be demonstrating and coaching you individually to give you quality feedback on how to improve based on the goals we defined the day before. Lunch will be served in the shade and will be followed by more climbing in the late afternoon and evening. After wrapping up at the crag we will head back to camp for another gourmet meal and free time around the campfire. 


Day 3: 

This is our final day and we begin with an early breakfast followed by packing up camp. We will leave camp in all our personal cars and re-group at a large parking area where we will once again get into our carpool groups and roll to our last climbing crag. This is our final day to climb hard and take falls so leave it all in Indian Creek and try to achieve your climbing goals. The sandstone is calling your name....send it!


Potential Climbing Locations:

Indian Creek Guided Climbing Locations

Donnelly Canyon

Supercrack Buttress (excluding “Pink Flamingo”)

Battle of the Bulge

Blue Gramma

Reservoir Wall

Cat Wall

Scarface Wall

Six Star Wall

Selfish Wall

4x4 Wall

Rambo Walls (excluding “Rochambeau route”)

Optimator Wall


North Six Shooter