SJE | Women's Weekend in the Juans


Silverton, Colorado

Group Size

6 people per guide


2.1 days




Cohesive integration of Community Development, Mindfulness, Guided Backcountry Skiing, and Technique


What will Women's Weekend in the Juans offer?

This Hut Based leadership getaway will offer you the foundations of backcountry skiing and split boarding all while being led by two inspring female identifying guides. An all women's/female identifying course will provide a safe space for all who identify as women and non-binary.

You will become more confident in the outdoors, help you gain your voice when making decisions in the backountry, and grow into a leader in and outside of the backcountry. Lastly, its all about fun. We are always here for a good time so we can inspire more women to get out there and enjoy the pow!

Where will this getaway run?

Women's Weekend in the Juans will run three full days out of the Addie S course on Red Mountain Pass. This ski hut has four single beds and four queen beds with one couch. 

Breakfast & Dinner are included

How much skiing will we actually do?

You will get an incredible amount of practice skinning uphill, transitioning, and riding down hill in fresh untracked snow. Our guides and instructors all have a background in education and will provide you the craft of backcountry decision-making and terrain travel. Note, this getaway is not just for beginners. It is tailored to those who are looking to gain more experience with other women in the backcountry. All levels, AIARE certifcation or not, are welcome with open arms. 

100% customizable instruction from AMGA trained guides depending on group goals and interests

Benefits of Womens Weekend in the Juans include:

  • Community Development/ Building Team Dynamics

  • Mindfulness / Yoga

  • Backcountry Ski w/ 2 Female Guides

  • Technique Driven & Awareness

  • Conversation- What it’s like to be a woman in the backcountry community