SJE | Women's Intro to Backcountry Skiing + Equanimity


Silverton, Colorado

Group Size

6 people per guide


50 hours




What is this course?

This course teaches you the foundations of backcountry skiing and split boarding all while being led by inspring female guides. An all women's/female identifying course will provide a safe space for all who identify as women. It will help you become more confident in the outdoors and help you gain your voice in  decision making when in the backcountry. We will help you grow into a leader in the backcountry. Lastly, its all about fun. We are always here for a good time so we can inspire more women to get out there and enjoy the pow!

How much skiing will we actually do?

You will get an incredible amount of practice skinning uphill, transitioning, and riding down hill in fresh untracked snow. Our guides and instructors all have a background in education and will introduce you to the craft of backcountry decision-making and terrain travel. This is a great way to learn to become an educated and independent backcountry skier or rider.

Why add Equanimity to this course?

Adding Equanimity into this course will help you learn how to achieve your goals in the outdoors and bring these lessons into your day to day life. Equanimity will help you be confident in your decision making and make your voice feel heard. Under immense stress, you will learn how to handle these emotions and fears so you can direct them in to succesful decisions.

This course is designed to also help you prepare to take our AIARE Level 1 avalanche course. 

Topics include:

  • Skinning techniques for different terrain
  • Transitioning quickly from uphill mode to downhill, and back
  • Downhill technique for varied terrain and snow conditions
  • Avalanche terrain awareness and detailed explanation of how to read the forecast

With enough participants we can add a day of AIARE Rescue, a required component of the AIARE avalanche education continuum.