SJE | AIARE Hut Based Avy 2 Course


Silverton, Colorado

Group Size

5 people per guide


2.1 days




AIARE 2 Avalanche Course based in the San Juan Mountains, Red Mountain Pass area, just outside of Silverton Colorado.

This course runs three full days out of the Addie S course on Red Mountain Pass. This ski hut has four single beds and four queen beds with one couch. Depending on the number of couples in your group of friends this hut can sleep up to 12 people in this hut course. 

Lodging, and breakfasts / dinners are included in this course! You will spend more time skiing and more time with your instructors than a typical avalanche course. Sometimes you will get snowed in when the road closes...its like Christmas morning!

What is involved with the AIARE 2 Avalanche Course?

The AIARE 2 builds on the introductory avalanche hazard management model introduced in the AIARE 1 and adds to the evaluation of critical hazard assessment factors. You will learn how to describe and discuss weather, snowpack, and avalanche processes, and identify how these processes relate to observations and travel within avalanche terrain.

This course will help you analyze more complex avalanche problems by introducing you to a basic forecasting framework, to be used in conjunction with and in the absence of a local forecast. 

When you take your level two with San Juan Expeditions you will get hands-on experience analyzing the avalanche hazard and using your observations to make decisions in the field. We are committed to providing both tools for understanding the avalanche problem and the terrain management skills you can only get from observing an experienced female guide.

Our course leaders are both AIARE certified instructors and AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) trained guides. So when you take one of our courses you know you will be under the mentorship of an experienced and qualified guide, not just an instructor. 

AIARE Level 2 Course Outcomes:

  • Differentiate where specific avalanche hazards exist within the landscape and identify avalanche terrain where consequences may be more severe.
  • Use and interpret weather, snow, and avalanche observations to locate appropriate terrain prior to entering and while in the field.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills within a small team that includes facilitating small group discussions, promoting appropriate terrain selection, and utilizing simple risk management strategies.
  • Implement a basic forecasting framework that can be used in conjunction with and in the absence of local supporting avalanche information.

Why take a San Juan Expedition's AIARE 2 Avalanche Course?

1. We are based in Silverton and Durango, Colorado - The premier location to learn about avalanche education in the United States with a history of avalanche research.

2. Our AIARE Avalanche Instructors are also trained by the AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association). We are not just avalanche instructors but also guides with experience in a variety of terrain and snowpacks all around the world.

3. By taking our AIARE Level 2 course you get exclusive access to exclusive San Juan Expeditions Mentorship Days and Alumni groups. We are committed to helping you continue your education after your AIARE course is finished and want to connect you with other competent partners within our community.

Who are we?

We stand behind and hand-select everyone of our guides/instructors. All of our guides are educators first and experienced mountain athletes second. We have a reputation for safety in the rugged and dynamic environment of the San Juan Mountains and we take safety very seriously. We are respected in the local Durango/Silverton, community and by our happy loyal clients (see our Google reviews).