Karen Ott Yoga Hike in Garden of the Gods


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Group Size

Max 8 people


2 hours




Here is the link to make the payment for your group on August 14th as we discussed. I have set the price to the mentioned $349 for your group of eight. As I said on the phone, the Garden of the Gods is such a beautiful place and I am so excited you will all be able to experience it for the first time! 


Join Tabatha for a gorgeous and unique experience in Garden of the Gods: Hiking + Yoga!

On this mindful, wellness hike, your body and mind can detox from the stress of everyday life. You will immerse yourself into the gorgeous Garden of the Gods as you deliberately soak up nature's sights and sounds. 

You will hike with attentiveness, ready to take in the beauty that surrounds you with all your senses. You will learn about weather, plants, geology and you will see this peaceful land through a fresh perspective of mindful attentiveness.

All abilities are welcome. Yoga can include stretches, breath work, earthing and grounding poses, a balance sequence or a standing Vinyasa flow.