SJE | Womens AIARE Avy 1 Course


Silverton, Colorado

Group Size

5 people per guide


50 hours




The Women's/Female Identifying AIARE Avy 1 course is designed to give you a full introduction to backcountry travel while in the mountains with a rad crew of ladies. You will be lead by a strong team of all female guides. 

What is the goal?

The goal of this course is to offer you a healthy environment where you can connect with other ladies and female identifying persons from all around the country. You will learn from each other from experiences and help each other grow in backcountry education. 

When you take your level one with San Juan Expeditions you will get hands-on experience analyzing the avalanche hazard and using your observations to make decisions in the field. We are committed to providing both tools for understanding the avalanche problem and the terrain management skills you can only get from observing an experienced guide.

Who will be your guide?

Our course leaders are both AIARE certified instructors and AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) trained female guides. They will be there to support you and bring real challanges they've faced in their careers and lives to the table. Our passion here at SJE is to help women have more access to the backcountry and understand that this is an inclusive place for all people.

You will not only learn about avalanche theory but you will apply what you have learned by going skiing/riding under the mentorship of an experienced female guide and by making real decisions.

Why take a San Juan Expedition's all women's avalanche course?

1. Our course will offer you the ability to develop relationships in the mountains with other women and develop aspiring mentorships.

2.We are based in Silverton and Durango, Colorado - The premier location to learn about avalanche education in the United States with a history of avalanche research.

3. All of our Female AIARE Avalanche Instructors are also trained by the AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association). We are not just avalanche instructors but also guides with experience in a variety of terrain and snowpacks all around the world. We will offer a safe space for all who identify as female.

4. By taking the AIARE AVY 1 Course, you will get access to our all women's alumni group and mentorship days with any of our female guides. We want you to be apart of our family. Lets help the female representation in the outdoors grow!