Youth Anglers (YA) - 4th→8th grad


Stafford, Virginia

Group Size

5 people per guide


4 hours



This one-week fishing camp is designed as the next progression step from the program focuses established in the JR. Youth Anglers program. However, the YA program is designed for campers that want to specifically focus on the sport of competitive bass fishing. YA campers experience their education in real-time on the Potomac River and Tidal Tributaries. YA campers will be assigned their boat number on a daily basis; two campers and one coach per boat Only four (4) camper per program week can enroll and based on prescreening interests we anticipate spots to fill up quickly. YA campers will spend their entire day on one of AquiaPeake PFG profession tournament bass boats fishing Virginia, Maryland & DC waters of the Potomac River system. Boats always travel together while underway and always stay within visual distance when actually fishing to provide a safety in numbers system. The camp practices what it preaches, therefore, safety is our number one priority - so all campers are required to wear their Top Safety Child Auto Inflatable PFD w/ Whistle provided with registration package whenever participating in any activity conducted near or on the water. Aquiapeake maintains a 1-to-2 coach-to-camper ratio to ensure all campers get direct 1on1 time and supervision. Aquiapeake's Youth Anglers program is developed firstly to imprint the importance of proper water awareness & safety practices when living, playing and exploring near or on the water. The program does specifically try to expose each camper to the multitude of outdoor activities and sciences that incorporate a well-educated angler - with the aim to find the outdoor activity that sparks a lasting love and appreciation for the uniquely special ecosystem they have backyard access to year round, regardless if that activity ends up being fishing. However, it does also focus on the graduation aspect, with the goal being to come back to continue their outdoor education at the next camp level (Youth Anglers). Any Youth Angler camper registration can be considered their tryout grouping for AquiaPeake YFT – Competitive YouthFishing Team’s 2022 Season.