Self-Rescue and Companion Rescue for Climbers


Ouray, Colorado

Group Size

6 people per guide


48 hours


Easy, Intermediate

Starting At



  • When is it: June 19th and 20th

  • Format: Mixture of classroom sessions and outdoor hands-on scenarios. Seminar-style, meaning the curriculum can be adapted to the group.

  • Primary locations: Roadside Crag and Rotary Park

  • Curriculum

    • Fundamental rope work physics

    • Basic patient care

    • Tension transfer techniques

    • Pulley systems/mechanical advantage

    • Practical/minimum gear on harness

    • Risk management and rescue plans

    • Leader rescue

    • Follower rescue

    • Multi-pitch rescue (counterbalance pickoff to tandem rappel)

    • Small team rescue (optional depending on skills of the group)

  • Email [email protected] for questions about the course curriculum

Why Invest in Rescue Education?

“In an emergency, one never rises to the occasion - one only falls to the level of their training.”

As climbers, we often assume that if something goes wrong on the wall, we’ll simply figure it out as the scenario unfolds. Besides, if nothing has ever gone wrong before, why assume that anything actually will? The reality is that we rarely experience a real opportunity to test our self-rescue skills, so it’s easy to omit investing in education on the topic. However, the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing you’re fully capable of getting you and your partner out of a hairy situation is impossible to overstate. Acquiring these self-supportive skills plays a crucial role in risk management when climbing in areas further off the beaten path, where definitive care and professional rescue resources are many hours away. By joining this workshop, you’ll become a more confident climber and develop your role as a competent partner. This workshop is meant to fill a vacuum in practical companion rescue education for climbers. The most important skills and topics are distilled down into a well-thought out two-day format that makes the workshop affordable and efficient for climbers with limited time and money.