SJE | Black Canyon of the Gunnison


Montrose County, Colorado

Group Size

2 people per guide


22 hours


Intermediate, Hard, Extreme

With some of the steepest walls in North America the Black Canyon of the Gunnison offers unparalleled access to large multi-pitch climbing objects like nowhere else in the Southwest. Boasting a unique approach you and your guide will descent from camp to the bottom of the canyon and your climbing objective. From there you will scale the massive walls over the course of a full day, ultimately ending up back on the room and often a short, flat walk back to your camp. Operating exclusively on the North rim of the canyon there are a lot of classic routes to pick from when planning your trip to 'The Black'.

Climbing in the Black Canyon can be demanding and spending all day on the wall is something of a right of passage for climbers looking to progress their climbing to the next level. Join us for an unforgettable experience in on of the most unique climbing experiences in the Southwest.