Introduction to Sport Climbing


Bayamón, Bayamón

Group Size

4 people per guide


4.5 hours



Starting At

$105.00 for 1 person

Looking for an adventurous island activity? Go rock climbing! This rock climbing experience is perfect for an individual or family looking for a fun adventure in Puerto Rico – no experience required. 

Our AMGA trained/certified guides are masters at getting your skills up to par so you can be comfortable on the rock. This beginner course teaches a solid foundation of climbing-related skills, while allowing for plenty of time climbing rock. Be prepared to learn a lot. The curriculum covered in the course includes: knot tying, belaying, rappelling, climbing techniques, and climbing. Learning to rock climb is an experience that you will not soon forget! Climbing with our guides and instructors increases your fun, freedom, and confidence. Confidence derived from knowing that you’re with a professional and understanding mentor. You’ll also gain personal confidence by rapidly improving your climbing skills and knowledge through observation and discussion.