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The Los Pinos River headwaters begin in the Weminuche wilderness near Weminuche pass. From there, it cascades through meadows and canyons until it reaches Vallecito Reservoir. This public section of water is wonderful for the adventurous fisherman. It does, however, require a minimum 3 mile hike to reach public water. Below Vallecito lies some of the best water in the area, although the vast majority of that water is private. Within this section of river lies the L-J Ranch, a beautiful and easily accessible run of tailwater in Bayfield, CO.

This private water stretch is bordered by private properties, so even fish that leave and enter the boundary remain unpressured. The majority of water on the lower Los Pinos is private and rarely accessed by anglers.

For over 60 years, the L-J ranch has operated as a working cattle ranch and hay farm. More recently, they have begun growing hops used by local breweries. This 100 acre ranch is also an incredible wedding venue. I guess you could say the land there has many uses. The ⅓ miles of river and the pond, however, are what interest our clients the most. Big browns and Rainbows hold in deep holes and runs, and the varying flows throughout the year can make the water different every time you visit. The big cottonwoods that flank the river there provide cool shade and turn a magnificent gold color as the seasons change and the fish aim to fatten up for the winter.

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