Race Training
5.0 (3)


High Point, North Carolina

Group Size

12 people per guide


1 hour



That's right, SUP RACING!!  Everyone has heard of or even done their local 5K run, did you know that the same thing happens all around us for standup paddleboards but with a twist. A SUP race offers a ton of variety, you can enter races from a 200m sprint to a 1000 multi-day endurance race and can be in a variety of exciting conditions from flat water to surf!  The best part is these races are mostly everyday people like you and me just out to have a good time!!

This is a great way to get in and stay in shape, standup paddling offers great full-body conditioning and aerobic fitness.  Come out and see what it's all about!  Each night will cover basic race skills for about 20 min then we'll hit the water for a short race to practice.  Each night is going to be something a little bit different.  

Bring your own board or rent one of ours, limited availability.

Race Training Schedule:

Date - Skill / Race

  • Apr 27 - Forward Stroke / 2K 
  • May 12 - Sprints / 100M Sprint
  • June 2 - Beach Start & Finish / 2.5K
  • June 16 - Switching Sides / 500M
  • July 14 - Tracking / 3K
  • July 28 - Intro to Buoy Turns / 1000M
  • August 10 - Pacing&Drafting / 4K
  • August 31- TBD / 5K
  • Sept 15 - Lots of Buoy Turns! / Paddle Battle