Hand Tool Vehicle extrication


Tacoma, Washington

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4 people per guide


8 hours


Hard, Extreme

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All PXT courses are designed to meet and or exceed NFPA and DPPST standards. The foundation of the PXT philosophy is based on the World Rescue Organizations (WRO) and Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee (TERC).


Hand Tools Only Auto Extrication

First Responder Jack Training


PXT 601 (4) Hour Basic Course: This course is our basic introduction to “Hand Tools Only” Auto Extrication Course. The students will learn the art of extrication using hand tools with heavy emphasis on The First Responder Jack, Reciprocating Saws, Air Chisels and other basic hand tools. The course will cover the following using a passenger vehicle on its wheels:

      • Scene Size Up


      • Safety Considerations
      • Extrication Plans
      • Egress & Access for rescuers
      • Basic Stabilization
      • Auto Extrication

PXT 602 (8) Hour Advanced Course: Here the students will cover the basics listed above as well as advanced techniques in auto extrication in the following categories:

  • Advanced Stabilization using simple Hand Tools
  • Advanced Cribbing Techniques
  • Patient Removal
  • Car on its side procedures
  • Car upside down procedures
  • Vehicle over-rides
  • Several advanced auto extrication techniques
  • Some Heavy Lift


For both classes PXT can provide all the necessary tools and equipment as well as provide Instructors only using your departments/companies tools & equipment. In either case PXT can instruct up to 32 students in both the PXT 601 and 602 courses.

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