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Bend, Oregon

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4 people per guide


70 hours


Hard, Extreme

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Our Wilderness First Responder program far exceeds all other programs available. We have the perfect mix of medical, basic rescue training and survival for leaders in backcountry locations including outdoor educators, guides, military, professional search and rescue personnel, researchers, and those involved in disaster relief. The curriculum is extensive and demanding; it will challenge students' decision making skills and physical fitness. This course includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems, begin basic rescue operations, understand and implement navigation in a rescue operation, deal with aircraft during a rescue, and be proficient in multiple roles during a backcountry medical or rescue situation. This includes isolated and extreme environments for an extended period of time. This course is primarily taught in the backcountry and is extremely challenging, both physically and mentally. Attendees will be camping for the duration of the course. Be prepared for one nighttime operation. This course is has Rope Rescue and Swift Water rescue as bookends, all three courses can be combined to prepare you for austere rescue and medical work.

Prerequisite: ICS-100 certification is required. This is a free two hour course online with FEMA.

Certifications earned with this course:
Wilderness First Responder
Advanced Bleeding Control (M.A.R.C.H.)
Bloodborne Pathogens
​CPR/AED and High Performance CPR
​Emergency Oxygen use
Administration of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Beyond The Edge LLC

To provide the highest quality austere medical and rescue services
based on the most advanced techniques, technologies, and science.

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Welcome to the Beyond The Edge wilderness first responder course. This is a 72-80 hour course taught in a backcountry setting. This course is focused on the non-medical and Medical professional who is in an austere first responder position. These individuals can be primary care givers in a remote setting, group leaders in a remote setting, outdoor instructors, SAR team members, Ski patrol and wildland firefighters.

The knowledge students gain from this course will prepare them to prevent and identify medical problems, initiate reasonable care for the sick or injured and to identify life-threatening problems that require immediate evacuation of the patient.

The focus of this course will allow students to:


  • Perform a physical exam to identify injuries, perform a thorough patient assessment and acquire vital signs (pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, skin signs, pupils, and other vitals as necessary).
  • Recognize environmental conditions that might lead to injuries or illness.
  • Prevent medical problems and physical injuries.
  • Give appropriate treatment for a patient including splinting, spinal injury management, wound care, environmental emergencies, CPR, stopping massive bleeding and other appropriate treatments for medical issues.
  • Make sound decisions for patient care, patient evacuation and any interventions needed that meet the level of this training.


The curriculum for this course will cover:


  • Respiratory system
    • Opening the airway
    • Provide ventilations
    • Maintaining the airway
  • Circulatory system
    • CPR/AED
    • CPR in a remote location
    • Control bleeding
    • Tourniquets
    • Wound packing




  • Nervous system
    • Assess level of Level of consciousness
    • Perform a physical exam
    • Getting and monitor vital signs
    • Obtain a patient history


  • Document findings in writing
  • Perform a patient hand-off report
  • Stabilize patients for extended care and evacuation
  • Situational awareness
  • Helicopter safety
  • Evacuation planning
  • Working with the next level of care
  • Navigation
  • Basic weather
  • Night operations
  • Trip planning
  • Medical packs
  • Decisions under pressure
  • Patient packaging
  • K9 first aid and CPR

These are the basic subjects covered for this course. All of the Beyond The Edge LLC instructors can add curriculum including edible plants for the region, celestial navigation, basic rope rescue, meal planning for the backcountry, and many other exciting topics as time allows.

Prospective students should be aware that this course takes place in a backcountry remote setting. This course can be both physically and mentally demanding. Our WFR course has a “night operations” component; this section of the course is from dusk until dawn. Training days will be approximately 10-16 hours per day on all days.

We also require students to have an ICS-100 certification. This is an easy, and free, certification to get from FEMA. This is an introduction the incident command system and only takes a few hours to complete. This introduction to the ICS is a very valuable tool to have, will help any individual during an emergency, and is part of our training. We base many of our realistic scenarios on this system. Please take the time to attain this certification.


We do have an amazing location on the Deschutes National Forest, however this location is rustic. We do not allow students to leave the location unless it is an emergency. So plan on bringing everything you might need for the full duration of the course.


Students are expected to provide their own camping supplies. This is the minimum gear list:

1 tent with waterproof rain fly

1 sleeping pad

1 sleeping bag

1-day pack

1 cooking kit (stove, gas, pots/pans, eating utensils)

8 pairs of socks

8 pairs of undergarments

1 set base thermal layers

1 insulation layer (puffy)

1 outer shell/rain gear set (top and bottom)

Gloves light weight and cold weather/water proof

2 pair outdoor pants

4 “tee” shirts (synthetic and wool are best)

1 swimsuit

Climbing helmet

Food for 8 days, 3 meals a day (3000 calories per day minimum)

Headlamp (with red light feature) and extra batteries (200 lumens minimal)

Sunglasses and safety glasses with clear lenses

Tooth brush/tooth paste (biodegradable)

Personal medications

Contact lens solution and eyeglasses if needed

Water bladder/”camel back” 2 liter minimum

Water bottle 1-liter minimum

Water filtration device

Compass that allows for declination


Writing device and writing pad (should work in wet weather)


These are the minimum items needed. We recommend a good book for down time as well and any other items you think you might need. Please no electronic music devices. Please let us know if you do not have all the gear needed, we are happy to make recommendations.

We follow pack it in pack it out guidelines when away from “basecamp”. There is no exception to this rule, please respect our public lands, you will be asked to leave if you break this rule. We have trashcans and “porta-potty’s” in camp.

The day before and the day after night operations will be “light” training days. We encourage students to fish (Valid Oregon fishing license required) or swim in nearby Lava Lake during these slower days. The Cascade Mountains are beautiful and this is a great opportunity to see one of the many stunning lakes in the region.

We prefer students to come the night before, however we understand that 8 days away from friends, family and work can be difficult. If you do not stay the night before, we expect you to be on location no later than 08:00 the morning of the first day. Please respect our instructors and be on time and ready to go!

The Deschutes National Forest permits our location, and this location is not available to the public unless you are in one of our courses. You are responsible to know and follow all the rules and regulations of the Deschutes National Forest before, during, and after our courses. We may or may not have campfires; we strictly follow all Deschutes National Forest fire restrictions.

Although we do have rules to follow, we also know that our courses are extremely fun, engaging and educational. You will not find the level of instructors, curriculum, or experience our courses provide. We look forward to teaching you and sharing all we have to offer.

Ray Storm

Founder Beyond The Edge LLC

Cancellation Policy

It is the policy of Beyond The Edge LLC to rufund 100% of a participants  fees and cost up to 60 days before the scheduled event or course, 75% from 60 days to 30 days before the event or course, and no refund will be given if cancellation is with-in 30 days. If a cancellation occurs with-in 30 days of an event or course, the attendee many transfer their registration to another course equal to the price that was paid for the canceled event or course. 

Our precautions for COVID-19

What you can expect from us:

Due to the ever evolving complexities of COVID 19, we will supply each attendee of our events with a COVID 19 policy. This Policy will be sent with-in two weeks of your scheduled event. This to insure that we are meeting the latest Local, State and Federal guidelines.

COVID-19 safety precautions provided by Beyond The Edge LLC and are not checked for accuracy by Origin.

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