A Glorious Day on Granite Mountain


Prescott, Arizona

Group Size

2 people per guide


8 hours


Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Extreme

This Wilderness Area is located less than a half-hour from Downtown Prescott and provides ample adventure so close to home. Our namesake is Granite Mountain for a reason, and the best way to understand why is to experience it for yourself!

Have you been in the Granite Mountain Wilderness and looked up at the shear walls, curious what it would feel like to stand on top of "The Flying Buttress?" Our Guided Trip to Granite Mountain will help you achieve that feeling, which so few have. This outing is not for the feint of heart, but it provides great rewards for those that persevere through this wilderness setting.

Since there are a plentiful amount of great climbing routes in the Granite Mountain Wilderness, we work with our clients to create a personalized climbing trip that caters to their skillset and aspirations. This information will be discussed after final trip booking.