A Soulful Day in Sullivan's Canyon


Paulden, Arizona

Group Size

3 people per guide


8 hours


Easy, Intermediate

Sullivan's Canyon provides another climbing destination unique to the local area. Just a bit North of Chino Valley, this canyon has two main areas that provide lots of routes for crack climbing. Routes here range from 30-60 ft. tall on both sides of the canyon and there are nearly 100 of them to choose from. This area provides great winter afternoon climbing and summertime morning climbing, all you have to do is drop a rope in the shade or sun accordingly!

With a short drive and an approach time of under 5 minutes, you'll be enjoying the classic basalt climbing routes that this area has to offer in no time. Similar to other areas in Northern Arizona, these routes have a good adventurous aspect, but are less committing due to the nature of the single-pitch environment.

Since there are a plentiful amount of great climbing routes in Sullivan's Canyon, we work with our clients to create a personalized climbing trip that caters to their skillset and aspirations.