Summit Carnivore (AKA: James R

Summit Carnivore (AKA: James R

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Don’t let the famous quote fool ya, over the past 10 years of hiking, when I am “solo” by myself I can proudly say I have hiked only 1 trail from start to finish. Following a beaten, worn down dirt path, formed by years of foot traffic and usually running into other hikers is not my opinion of hiking a mountain. Haha!
If, and I say this honestly (IF) I use a trail, it’s ONLY to get up to a good spot where I will then step directly off the trail and start blazing my own. I’ve outlined a few of my skills and certifications below which are relevant to survival on the mountain.

FYI: I LOVE TAKING PICTURES EITHER PLANNED OR CANDID OF MY HIKES AND PEOPLE ALONG WITH ME. I have an amazing quality camera on my phone and will have u smiling after our hike with funny pics, epic moments, as well as jaw dropping views that put Postcards to shame.

Former Military, Served in the United States Army, perfecting my M.O.S skills as a Diesel Mechanic.
Class “D” Security License, training security officers “offensive” and “defensive” restraints, holds, proper use of gear & equipment.
Worked 1 year in North Utah for Mountain Rescue and Recovery.
Certified by Red cross in “Adult CPR”.
Numerous survival classes under my belt.
I carry enough gear with me in my hiking bag and clothing to ensure the survival of 3 adults for 7 consecutive days, guaranteed! (You May be uncomfortable and moody, but I will get you back ALIVE)
I have all sorts of gadgets and gear which make hiking much more fun and enjoyable. For example: 95% of hikers carry some type of liquid for hydration, liquid is the #1 heaviest item u can carry. I ELIMINATE that weight 100% but bringing “Water Filtration” systems that fit into your palm. Always plan my hikes knowing a water source is within foot travel. During winter hikes, occasionally I’ll bring a 32oz water with me, as u sweat more with all those layers on without realizing your loss until it’s too late. Still hike with water sources in reach and tools to break ice for water.
I enjoy trading stories, advice and laughter is my secret weapon.

However best survival technique I have is being a CERTIFIED “Bearded” man! It’s simply a “crown” for your face! Haha.

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Summit Carnivore (AKA: James R