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Information about Origin


We are your starting point for a curated outdoor adventure. Empowered by Locals and derived by experience, we originate at the intersection of open air and new beginnings. Together, we will purposely discover life’s joy and forge a connection with our planet.

Whether it's Hiking, Biking, Water Sports, or Photography, we have the perfect Adventure waiting for you.

Our Story

We started formulating the concept around Origin because we wanted to share our passion and love for the real outdoors. We are nomadic travelers by birth, adventurers by virtue. The first to climb the biggest tree to see what was at the top. Pushed by our personal limitations, we always felt the best and happiest moving in nature.  We wanted to be able to go to a new destination and find adventure and excitement in nature and feel as if we were the first one to experience this. 

We tried to use traditional guiding services, but something about these always felt pre-packaged to us and also never fit our busy travel plans. We looked online and tried to find these hidden places ourselves, but always ended up in an overflowing parking lot queuing in a line to ascend a trail; our views obscured by selfie sticks. 

We saw the negative impact that masses of people were having on one or two trailheads or mountains in the places we visited and knew there was so much more to see and do. We wanted to be able to help spread out people and lessen the impact on our natural spaces and do our part to protect all shared outdoor spaces for the next generations to see and enjoy.

We knew what we wanted to do in each community we visited, but we couldn’t find access and didn't know how to find the other places we knew were out there and were much less traveled, but still spectacular. We knew about these special places in our home mountains of Colorado where we had access to a community of outdoor enthusiasts, but still were left wanting when traveling beyond our beloved local mountains.  Nature and real outdoors to us isn’t confined to the hike that everyone has done, the single-track mountain bike ride within a stone’s throw from the interstate, the waterfall geo-tagged 1 million times. We are determined to use our platform to make positive change in people's lives and in our environment.

What is Origin?

We offer true adventure, a genuine and personal journey. We are passionate about making the outdoors more accessible to travelers who hear the call of the wild. We create memories and experiences not found on typical travel sites and beyond what traditional guiding services can offer.

Our platform connects you with Locals, our outdoor experts, who are passionate about what they do and thrilled to share their curated Adventures with you. Whether you want to hike, bike, ski, snowboard, challenge yourself with a trail run or are into beautiful nature photography, our Locals show you what off the map truly means. They take you where only a Local can.

Our service is simple to use. It's easy to find the outdoor adventure fitting your experience level, interests, and schedule.

Origin is your portal to the outdoors, wherever adventure might take you.

Have any questions? Want a sticker? Just want to say hi? Drop us a line at [email protected]!