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When Outdoor Photographers Capture Our Great Indoors

Searching for fun things to do inside when you’re an outdoor enthusiast results in board games, movies, and books. For outdoor photographers, shooting out the window from inside isn’t very inspiring. Enter Erin Sullivan, a travel photographer and writer who is inspired by the outdoors. She created #ourgreatindoors to inspire indoor creativity as we wait for the cue to return to the wild again.

With a little over 1,000 posts, outdoor photographers are finding adventure indoors and we get to tag along. From using flour to dirty laundry, these artists have found a way to have fun and bring the outdoors inside. If you’re looking for ways to stay creative at home, browse through some of the amazing photos people have posted and try it yourself.

Here are some of our favorites:



Craig Shimala (@cshimala) takes us to Arches National Park in Utah for a clear view of the Milky Way. What we really appreciate is Craig’s behind-the-scene takes in the additional frames. We get to see how he creates these scenes and he definitely makes it look easy from an outsider’s perspective.





Meghan Young (@missmeghanyoung) transports us to the imaginative White Sugarsands National Park. With a 10/10 recommendation, we wish it was real. Meghan breaks down the materials used to create this scene which most of us have in our homes.





For the perfect weekend adventure, may I recommend a trip to the Great Pancake Canyon? This weekend, Syrup River was flowing. Maybe it’s due to the rain we’ve had?? Not sure…. any of you specialize in pancake science and can speak to this? Anyway, this was a truly unique experience with fantastic views from both below and above. Also great breakfast available. ✧ Camera info: Sony a7Riii & 90mm f2.8 Macro lens. Materials: Literally just pancakes, syrup, and model train figures. ✧ Want to create your own outdoor-inspired adventure while staying home? Post & tag #OurGreatIndoors or follow along with the hashtag to see what this community is creating. Or if you’ve got another project you’re working on, I would love to hear about it! Or if you are doing nothing, that’s OK too! Take care of yourself! ✧ Thanks to my pancake expert @thejoehenderson for helping with this adventure. Who knows where we will go next… #ErinsGreatIndoors • #OurGreatIndoors

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Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) has our mouths watering with the Great Pancake Canyon. We wouldn’t mind getting lost here.




Behold Home Travel Series 01! I’m challenging myself to shoot one travel photo a day just to bond with my camera ✊ —- The Great Flour Alps, a prime destination in the south east of Peru. The mirror lake reflecting the snow/salt is a must visit for every traveller. Ha. — Theme: Decluttering - one of the most productive parts of staying home. Am finally forced to look at all the clutter and get rid of what’s needed. I found some expired coffee and pinched a bit of flour to get this one done. Referenced some salt lakes and one of my old photos from Austria. Used one of my mums paintings for the sky. Kelakar ok buat snowy landscape tengah2 panas kena gigit nyamuk! Let this be a memory of all the ‘decluttering’ this RMO. Shot with the Canon EOS R. RF 24-105mm. #homelandscape #hometravelseries #RMOphotoproject #quarantined #MCOphotoproject #homephotography #ourgreatindoors #erinourgreatindoors #cuticutirumah #canoneosr #canonEYA #canonmalaysia #landscapephotographer #hahaha #RMOdiaries #RMOlandscape

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Acacia Diana (@acaciadiana)’s imagination is astounding, taking everyday objects and recreating landscapes from around the world in her own vision. 




Things got a little carried away

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Connor Naasz (@cjnaasz) takes it up a notch with an action shot. Here we see Lego Guy paragliding through fluffy clouds and tall mountains. 




Linn (@darbinorvar)’s Lego Gal kayaks the blue rivers of plush bear. Swipe through her pictures to see the setup it took to capture this scene.