Search Button On Waivers Page

July 21, 2021

Now search for your guests on the Waivers Page!

Just another way to locate guests and their signed waivers to make it easier for you.

Click Waivers on the left hand column and then click List. Search for your guest by entering their email address or name, then click Search. Click the eye icon to view their signed waiver.

Added Waivers To The Customer Page

July 13, 2021

Now you can see customer waivers from the Customers page!

This gives you a more direct way of accessing completed waivers for specific guests.

Click Customers in the left side column, then search for your guest by their email or name, then click Search. Click on their name and find the Waiver section with their completed waivers.

Email Resend Button

July 9, 2021

Admins can now resend confirmation emails to their guides!

If needed, you can resend the “you’re assigned to this trip” email to your guides. This helps in case they lost the original email or need a friendly reminder.

To use this, click Bookings in the left-hand column and then select the booking. Click the arrow to resend the email.

Check-In Button

July 7, 2021