Search Button On Waivers Page

July 21, 2021

Now search for your guests on the Waivers Page!

Just another way to locate guests and their signed waivers to make it easier for you.

Click Waivers on the left hand column and then click List. Search for your guest by entering their email address or name, then click Search. Click the eye icon to view their signed waiver.

Added Waivers To The Customer Page

July 13, 2021

Now you can see customer waivers from the Customers page!

This gives you a more direct way of accessing completed waivers for specific guests.

Click Customers in the left side column, then search for your guest by their email or name, then click Search. Click on their name and find the Waiver section with their completed waivers.

Email Resend Button

July 9, 2021

Admins can now resend confirmation emails to their guides!

If needed, you can resend the “you’re assigned to this trip” email to your guides. This helps in case they lost the original email or need a friendly reminder.

To use this, click Bookings in the left-hand column and then select the booking. Click the arrow to resend the email.

Check-In Button

July 7, 2021

Now you can check-in guests online!

This protects you from customers claiming they didn’t make it to the trip and requesting a refund. Also, this helps your staff ensure guests don’t leave and try to re-enter without purchasing another ticket.

Additionally, we’ve added the functionality to prevent trip review requests for guests who did not check in. This prevents any angry no-show reviews.

This must be manually turned on for clients. If you’re interested in testing this feature, send us a message through the chat widget from your Origin dashboard.

Once it’s activated, you can access it by: (1) Clicking the Bookings tab, then selecting the booking you want to check in, or (2) Search by the confirmation code on the Bookings tabs.

Single Or Multiple Repeating Adventure Edits

June 24, 2021

We’ve made it so you can edit a single adventure or edit all the events in a repeating group. This makes it easier for Admins who have an event that repeats daily, weekly, or monthly. Now you won’t have to edit every event if you don’t want to. 

Go to your Schedule, click the listing you want to edit, and click the pencil icon. Select either This Event (to edit that specific trip) or All Repeated Events (to make changes to the event in a repeating group). Click Save.

High-Level View Of Trips

June 22, 2021

We’ve made it easier to see all bookings associated with one trip. 

This is useful for public adventures where you have people from different groups booking a trip with you. You’ll be able to view waivers signed, names, seats in that party, and deposits.

To view this, click on Bookings in the left-hand column. Select the trip you want to view and then click View Adventure to see these additional details.

Dashboard Notifications

June 16, 2021

Company Admins now receive notifications on their Origin dashboard to keep you on top of your tasks.

Admins are now notified when:

  • There’s a new review
  • A guide blocks off time
  • A trip still needs waiver signature(s) (2-day warning)

You’ll see a bell with a red dot and the number of new notifications in the top bar on your dashboard, next to your profile icon. Click the bell icon to display your notifications.

Feedback Link

June 12, 2021

Now you can provide your feedback to us. Have a feature request you’d like to see added to Origin? Or found a bug we need to fix? You can submit both through this simple link.

Access this by clicking on Feedback in the left side column under the User section. Select Feature Requests to request a new feature or select Bugs to notify us of any issues in the software. Next, type a short title that quickly summarizes your post. Then add additional comments and details in the field below. Click Create Post to publish it on the platform.

Waiver Account Creation

May 28, 2021

Origin waivers will now prompt non-minors to create an account and answer the custom checkout questions for the trip. The guest will then be tied to the adventure, so they can see their upcoming trip. 

This is useful when one person books a trip for five people and sends the waiver to the other group members. The guiding company will then have access to more information about all guests coming on the trip.

Listing Filter

May 25, 2021

We’ve added a listing filter on your schedule calendar.

For guiding businesses with lots of listings, this update will help you search and sort your trips a lot easier. Plus, you can view your “Booked Only” to see only the trips that are booked.

From your dashboard, click on Schedule. Then click on the dropdown menu and select the listing you’d like to view on your calendar. Check it out now.

Add-On Reimbursement

May 24, 2021

Admins now have the ability to offer negative add-ons.

This is useful for both admins and guests. If there are options to rent gear, you can include it and the rental fee. If your guests bring their own gear, they can save money by subtracting from the total.

To offer this, head to your dashboard and click Payments, then click Add Ons. Click New Add On and fill in the blank fields for each piece of gear. Make sure to choose which listing to apply this add-on to. For Price, click the down arrow to show how much money to refund your guest. Then click Save.