Listing Filter

May 25, 2021

We’ve added a listing filter on your schedule calendar.

For guiding businesses with lots of listings, this update will help you search and sort your trips a lot easier. Plus, you can view your “Booked Only” to see only the trips that are booked.

From your dashboard, click on Schedule. Then click on the dropdown menu and select the listing you’d like to view on your calendar. Check it out now.

Add-On Reimbursement

May 24, 2021

Admins now have the ability to offer negative add-ons.

This is useful for both admins and guests. If there are options to rent gear, you can include it and the rental fee. If your guests bring their own gear, they can save money by subtracting from the total.

To offer this, head to your dashboard and click Payments, then click Add Ons. Click New Add On and fill in the blank fields for each piece of gear. Make sure to choose which listing to apply this add-on to. For Price, click the down arrow to show how much money to refund your guest. Then click Save.