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Underrated Colorado State Parks You Need To Explore

Colorado State Parks are seeing record numbers of visitors this year because everyone wants to get outside and explore. And we are here for it. What has also come from this surge of State Park visitors is increased congestion, overcrowding,…

Why Iframes Are Bad For Your Outdoor Guiding Website's SEO

Iframes may be impacting your site’s SEO. We noticed tour operator websites with bookings embedded in an iFrame weren’t showing in Google results. In other words, booking pop-ups installed on sites hindered their SEO. We copied text inside the popup…

10 Beginner-Friendly Fourteeners in Colorado You'll Love

Climbing a fourteener in Colorado is a very popular outdoor activity to do for both locals and tourists. With 58 mountain peaks above 14,000 feet, ranging from “easy” to challenging, there is no shortage of hikes. Here is our list…

5 Beginner Tips To Become An Outdoor Adventure Guide

Outdoor adventure guides not only love nature and thrive in the wilderness, but they’re passionate about bringing unique outdoor experiences to people’s lives. You know this is your calling if you’re excited about the thought of spending a full day…

6 LGBTQ Outdoor Organizations Helping Make the Outdoors Inclusive

Across the United States, LGBTQ people are finding others to connect with outside. Now, more than ever, people want to get outdoors and they want to feel safe while exploring. These outdoor organizations are doing both while creating an inclusive…

Minimizing Our Environmental Impact on Outdoor Adventures

When we don’t stick to “Leave No Trace” principles, evidence of our trip is left behind which negatively affects wildlife, trails, the environment, and the next generation of explorers.