Never ask, “Are you available this day?” again.

Toss out your notepads. Turn your phone to Do Not Disturb. And go create memories in the mountains. Our flexible guide scheduling software eliminates the time-consuming, manual process of managing your guides’ calendars alongside your trips.

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We’ll manage the guide schedules. You keep sharing the stoke.

What makes Origin’s guide scheduling software so dang good?

You’ll always know who’s guiding what trips, their availability, and where they are.

Origin frees up your time by helping your guides manage their own schedules.

The guide scheduling software can automatically assign guides according to their priority or rank.

Origin helps you avoid frustration (and increase safety) when there aren’t enough available guides for a trip.

There are a lot of online booking platforms.

But only Origin gives you the full-service guide management you’ve been looking for.

Guide Scheduling That Can Be Done With Your Eyes Closed

Managing all your booking reservations on top of scheduling dozens of guides across multiple mountains for several winter activities doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

In fact, we streamline all this for you.

Using Origin’s guide management software means you aren’t overbooking your guides or canceling a backcountry ski tour last minute because you couldn’t find anyone available.

"You just manage your schedule, and the system follows suit. I go in and mark the days I’ll be gone and the software takes care of it for me."

Always Have Enough Guides For Your Ski Trips

Do you cringe thinking about those last-minute texts canceling reservations because of an overbooked tour? You can’t get ahold of another guide. Your guest is angry. You’re overwhelmed.

Origin simplifies your scheduling process by automatically maintaining the correct client-to-guide ratios. The system auto-configures the number of open spots based on available guides.

Our guide management platform won’t let your client book if there aren’t enough guides available. This way, you don’t have to worry about canceling a booking or refunding your client should you fall short on guides.

Auto-Assign Guides Based On Their Seniority

This smart feature gives admins more control over who leads groups.

Origin’s guide scheduling system allows admins to rank guides based on experience, knowledge, and interests.

When admins rank a guide, the system automatically assigns higher-ranked guides first and goes down the list based on availability.

"Because we only had one calendar, we couldn't have the multiple guides log in, input their calendars, and update it. And so I was constantly having to check in with people weekly and be like, “Hey, is this still your availability?” Giving guides that autonomy [with Origin] to have access to this, where I can be like, “Hey, by this deadline, you have to give me your availability. If you don't, I'm going to assume you're not available, and that's going to affect your income.” That's been really, really helpful and taken a lot off of my plate as far as worrying about the availability."

Empower Your Guides

With Origin, guides create and manage their own schedules, and automatically accept or reject trips, while working for multiple companies.

If your guides need to block out time or set a different schedule every week, Origin’s software adapts and updates in real-time.

Free up your time and make managing guide schedules easier.